FFI Insurance Program
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FFI Insurance Program

Group Insurance Program

FFI offers an affordable insurance program to FFI Councils, Charter Clubs, and eligible Affiliate Clubs.  The master policies provide:

  • Directors and Officers Liability ($1M)
  • General Liability ($2M per incident/$4M aggregate)
  • Umbrella coverage ($1M)
  • Hired or non-owned automobile liability coverage ($1M)

Enrollment forms for Charter Clubs are sent with the annual report in December, but clubs can join any time during the year.  The coverage peroid is June 1 - May 31.

Enrollment forms for Affiliate Clubs are sent in June, but clubs can join any time during the year.   The coverage period runs July 1 - June 30.  To be eligible to participate in any FFI programs, Affiliate Clubs must be in good standing - annual club dues must be current and clubs must comply with Affiliate Club requirements.


E-mail: clubs@flyfishersinternational.org
Telephone: 406-222-9369 Ext 2