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 Post subject: Things the South knows
PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:07 pm 

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That those who don't live there probably don't but should learn ... 94f0118269

Fly fishing is NOT a hobby

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 10:59 am 

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Michael, that is likely all true - I haven't the time to check every source listed, but it is pretty much aligns with much of what I already knew. I might take issue that, for the South Carolinians, they were bound to start a fire anyway just because they were irrational and enamored of some myth that they could whip anyone. But truth does not matter today. Today, what only matters is what people have accepted as truth. Racism has been redefined from what it was. History is something that people learn from movies and Ken Burns' specials. And only 10% even bother with those. In Burn's "Civil War" series, he had maybe a dozen or more people telling the reasons why the war was fought, from taxes to power struggles to the simply "they are down here," and one black professor who said it was about slavery and only slavery. Her statements are now considered fact. Just as the myth that white folk went into West African and kidnapped black folk for sale as slaves. Not true, but that's what people think. Every African slave was first sold by a black man.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:02 pm 

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While we're on the subject, here's my recent column n "reconciliation"

I've been seeing a lot about “reconciliation” in the news lately although nothing I've read tells me exactly what it entails. Apparently, it is designed to let non-African-Americans confess they look at African-Americans differently from other folks and to beg for forgiveness. I guess some people fall into that category but doubt that many do, particularly southern white people. Most of the Southern white people I know might note that the person they're talking to is dark skinned just as they would note it were the person red headed or freckled. It might be different for white people not raised alongside Black people.

Whatever “reconciliation” means the actual racists...KKK and such...aren't apt to be participating and, I doubt any other white people who get involved in the reconciliation process know any actual KKK members or would deign to speak to them if they did.
Anyhow, not knowing exactly what 'reconciliation” means, I've been giving some thought to what it would take to get me reconciled just in case stuff done to my folks is something for which others can ask forgiveness.

The first thing I want those who did t to fess up to is stealing my great-great granddaddy's horses. A report by a Union gun boat captain noted that his crew had taken five horses from Mr. Newton's farm at Hague. (Oddly enough, the gun boat captain, Foxhall Alexander Parker, was close kin to my great-grandfather on momma's side, Confederate Major Foxhall Alexander Daingerfield.)
Once whoever ought to do it, asks forgiveness for stealing our horses, I'm going to see if they'll ask forgiveness for that carpetbagging court for stealing most of our land. I don't know if it really fits but I'd like to have the ones who nearly killed The Major fess up, to.

The Major was slashed across the back of the neck and captured in a cavalry fracas near Upperville. When the train car he was transported to Washington on arrived, blood from the wound had glued his head to the floor of the car. His head was yanked up reopening the wound and he nearly bled to death. He carried the scar for the rest of his life. I could ask whoever shot him in the ankle to fess up, too, except, he was leading a charge at the time and one of his own men may have shot him from behind.
I'll leave it my cousin Willoughby to make his own claims. His great granddaddy, Uncle William, was killed.

As I say, I'm not certain what the “reconciliation” process entails, but if it requires me to throw off on those old fellows, I won't do it although I readily say I'm sorry any of us supported slavery in any way.
I hope reconciliation stretches out to reach Native Americans, Irish, Chinese, Japanese and other groups of Americans whose forebears were ill treated. Whatever “reconciliation” involves it should include everybody. I kind of doubt that it does. I also kind of doubt it can ever be achieved. Were it to be, it that would put a lot of politicians, activists and preachers looking for something else to bellyache about.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 5:43 pm 

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My maternal Great Grandfather fought for the Union as a Master Sergeant. He was at Gettysburg
, The Wilderness and the several lesser battles that followed. He was wounded...came back to New York City, healed, re-upped and stayed until the very end. (He was a German immigrant). No one has ever said "Thank You" for your Great-grandfather's service.* There is what I would call either unawareness or, rank ignorance ...a wide gap in a poor education.... Damn it! Good men died and were wounded, and 25% of the public do not have a clue about the history that those "Old soldiers" gifted to them... Bitch, complain, fuss and keep the pot simmering for another 100 years...I don't give a damn anymore. Tighten your belts and get with the frigging program... getting to work on time and showing some respect for the Flag that set you free!

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