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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:34 am 

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I forgot to pack my camera today and didn't want to drag out my cell phone while standing in the middle of the river, so today's story is text only. I had made arrangements with the Secretary of our club, Jean (John) to go fishing today because he hasn't been getting out much while his wife goes through another round of chemo (melanoma I think). Anyway, I wanted him to have a good time and I knew of a spot that has a bunch of rainbows that are eager to be caught.

The weather was great with clear skies and calm conditions when we got to the river about 8:15. We rigged up with bead head nymphs to fish a big hole/run at the confluence of a small tributary. The flow was from our left to right and we gave ourselves space to work the slow drift. We were going to cross the river to fish a riffle so we didn't thrash that section much. As we sauntered our way downstream, we each had a hit that we missed but were encouraged. His fish broke him off so he took time to re-rig and I continued to fish the lower end of the easy run. My efforts to get a head start on catching failed miserably and we crossed the main river fishless. At the riffle, we were trapped by a cruising brown that came straight to us in less than a foot of water and decided we were too ugly to stick around. We soon each lost another fish but then I managed to land a hard fighting fish of about 12-14 inches and 1 pound. Jean lost another and I landed two more that were peas in a pod to the first. The action at that point slowed so we started across the top of the riffle which with the summer low water was barely ankle deep. We were getting takes on the drift and on swinging or stripping nymphs.

Jean hooked a smoking hot fish that broke his tippet. That prompted a closer look at the material he was using and he found it was bad and was breaking with only light tension. We swapped him out with some 4X flurocarbon and the next fish he hooked stayed on long enough to net. This one was another pea from the same pod. I picked a smaller up one from some edge water and Jean caught two more and it was only 10:30. All this time we also missed a few hits. Things quieted again so we decided to return across the river for lunch and see if we could get some of the fish we could see cruising along the tributary inflow.

While we were eating lunch, I spotted a good brown easing along in shallow water up the tributary mouth. We could also see several rainbows hunting the deeper water with a few going into the same area as the brown. With lunch taken care of, I snuck around to have a go at the bog brown. Jean decided to fish the deeper water. As I eased into position, I saw an even bigger brown facing into the tributary outflow at the shoulder of the deeper water. The first brown was in a better position to try for so I tried a dry and then an emerger, then a #16 nymph, all to no avail. I could only watch in exasperation as it swam off to the main river. The second brown had moved off while I looked foolish with the first one. Jean hooked and lost a fish while all this was going on. I tried to tempt any fish in the upper end of the deeper water while Jean hooked and landed a 12" 'bow for our 10th fish of the day.

I wanted to take a look in a spot about 30 yards upstream on the tributary where I have often seen fish in the past. Sure enough a smaller brown was laying in some quiet water. I tied on a Klinkhammer pattern but that was ignored so I hung a #14 pt nuder it. Zip. Continued efforts only caused the fish to move off, circle around and return to its original location. *sigh* Thoroughly beaten again, I rejoined Jean and we agreed the water temperature was getting too warm to risk overstressing a fish. We returned to the car, toasted the day with a couple of cold beers and went home. Jean said he didn't think it was possible to have such easy fishing in the Nelson region...mission accomplished.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:54 am 

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Thanks, Mike!

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