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 Post subject: Re: Gun control
PostPosted: Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:43 pm 

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Dr. Trout Bum wrote:
I'm with John on this one. First things first - the US has always been an armed country, but these mass shootings are a very recent phenomenon. Firearm ownership of any kind cannot be the root cause. Any "gun regulation" has nothing to do with changing the situation, but everything to do with 1) making do-gooders and politicians "feel" like they've done something good and 2) helping whittle away at our 2nd amendment rights in order to yield more control of the populace to the federal government. All the other details revolve around those items, which seem pretty difficult to dispute.

Regarding the issue of large capacity magazines, assault rifles, etc..., I don't own any of them, but I think it's important to remember the fundamental purpose of the 2nd Amendment, which is really not about hunting or even personal protection, but about protecting our citizens from hostile takeover by our own government. Many see this as a silly argument...we can't compete with smart bombs, etc, they say. Well, the more well armed we are, the more difficult the takeover if it ever came down to it.

I read something not long ago about the 2nd part of your post...

There are, per government estimates, 300 millions guns out there. I think there's way more, but let's go with that.

Let's say that only one in three wound up in the hands of citizens willing to stand up to the government. Call it 100,000,000 in round numbers.

We'll cut that in half, just 'cause. 50,000,000.

Current active military, plus reserves is what? 2,500,000?

What percentage of those folks would buy into an overt attempt to take over the United States? Half? Doubt it. 25% Doubt that, too. Maybe 10%. Some of those would walk before firing on on friends, neighbors and family...but we'll roll with that anyway. I've got no idea what the current ratio of support to actively engaged fighting forces is, but let's say it's one for one.

So we've got a force of 125,000 active combat troops facing about 50,000,000 mostly untrained citizens fighting for their homes, rights and families...and all the former military that bailed when it became apparent the government had gone nuts...along with, let's assume, a fair amount of equipment and supplies.

Keep in mind that the citizens control most of the terrain, supplies, food and resources. The government would have to take that by force, and protect it...numbers are

Smart bombs might provide devastating results or a very short time period...but after the initial successes, and dedicated efforts to overrun the poor SOBs driving the'd be ugly.

IMO, it'd be a short, fast, ugly conflict with the government on the losing side.

Are my numbers made up and guessed at? You bet. But they are overwhelming, so even a big swing in percentages one way or the other doesn't matter. Double the one, half the other and the numbers are still staggering, and unbeatable. if one gun in private hands eventually equals one fatality on the government side, it's a lopsided, terminal battle from day one.

If you're looking for an example...look what happened to the British the last time the government tried something like this....

“I dream of an America where a chicken can cross the road without having its motives questioned.”

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