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Some days are worth doing
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Author:  Colston Newton [ Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Some days are worth doing

I might call today a "card day." Several fellows at the local Episcopal church were short a fourth for bridge and called me. I hadn't played bridge in at least 11 years but managed not to embarrass myself. Only balled up one hand and recalled the conventions adequately. I think I may have blurted out a record numeber of blasphemies for a church meeting hall, but it really wasn't that many. My prayers on several finesses may have balanced the account.

While at the church the lady who'd made the quilt I was buying for The Librarian for Christmas came in to leave it for me. I had expected it the next day and was pleased to get my hands on it early which saved another trip to town tomorrow. I left my check on the preacher's desk and felt so righteous I went by the county treasurer's office and paid my county taxes only a week late. (One of the bridge players was her husband. I'd tried to pay her at the Board of Supervisors meeting last Thursday but she wouldn't wait while I went to my car to get a check. Neither of us knew what I owed, so I was going to just make it out to her and let her fill in the amount. I do enjoy living where we all know each other.)

After a late afternoon nap, I went to our regular poker game. It has actually become pretty stodgy. The "fish" have all left and we are reduced to half a dozen quiet, serious players. I went down about $75 early and then came back, largely on the strength of three "sweepers" where I won both the high and low hands. Ended up winning $60...that's a nice $135 swing but I wish I'd done the winning without being in a hole.

One of the players said a local deputy had heard about the game, which includes me, a retired judge, a lawyer, a retired lawyer and a couple of others. The deputy told him "That sounds like a conclave of the Northern Neck Illuminati."

All in all, a very pleasant day.

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