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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:03 pm 

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I hope everybody had a grand Thanksgiving. I enjoyed mine thoroughly mainly because for the first time in several years my Thanksgiving Dinner involved meat.

You see, in the recent past, I've had Thanksgiving Dinner with a family largely made up of what might be called semi-vegans. They're “semi” because they'll eat eggs and cheese but stay away from meat. One of these semi vegans is so religious about it that he won't even eat stove top turkey stuffing because the label says it contains turkey broth. (I'd like to see how long he held to his convictions if he had to prepare for a endoscopy by eating nothing but jello and broth for 24 hours. It's amazing how much like food broth feels when you're really hungry.)

Now, I don't mind vegans or almost vegans, although I don't pretend to understand them anymore than I understand those folks who oppose wearing furs..I mean, the animals are going to die someday. Why not use them? I can say vegans' or semi-vegans' idea of a Thanksgiving Dinner and mine are at considerable variance.

My idea of Thanksgiving Dinner was learned mainly at my grandparents' table. There would be an entire roasted turkey, a Virginia ham, oyster casserole, candied sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and turkey gravy. There probably was some green stuff, too, but I don't remember that. Man! Put that gravy and cranberry sauce on everything and you had something fit to eat. By the time Granddaddy finished carving and started serving you'd be drooling famished , too. I just wish I could still eat as much as I could as a kid.

The semi-vegan Thanksgiving dinners I had involved all sorts of things I generally don't eat and some things I had never heard of. For example, I don't believe I'd ever eaten turnips in my life before last Thanksgiving and I 'm mortally certain I'd never eaten a rutabaga. I don't expect to eat any more of them either, although they weren't all that bad. They're about what you'd expect as a side dish at a batty old ladies idea of a dinner.

The only thing that semi-vegan dinner had in common with the old-time dinners at my grandfather's was the carving. The guy slicing the rutabaga made surgical slices even thinner than Granddaddy used to slice the ham. The main difference was the rutabaga cutter didn't reach down every so often and put a slice in his mouth the way my granddaddy did with some of the smaller, fattier slices of ham.

This year I put my foot down. We were having ham, turkey and all those other good things even if the semi-vegans ate their stewed roots and such and we did, too. On top of that, I didn't feel a bit sorry for the semi-vegan whose main course at Thanksgiving Dinner was Kraft macaroni and cheese.

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