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Nice times
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Author:  mls [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:36 am ]
Post subject:  Nice times

I’ve managed to get in a bit of fishing lately, mostly in the lower Pelorus trying to get Mary the chance to land her first fish on a fly rod. She had hooked a few but she tends to panic and hasn’t managed to land one yet. So Thursday we headed for a spot I thought she stood a chance of landing one.

We arrived about 8:15 am and were on the water after waders, boots, vests, and rods were properly installed and fitted. We weren’t fishing 5 minutes when I had a take from a nice rainbow. A couple of minutes mad dashing hither and thither and I slipped it into the net.


Turned out t be right at one kilo and suitable for smoking for a dinner. Since we were still close to the vehicle, I placed it in the insulated bag with the ice packs and cold drinks (suitably wrapped of course). It wasn’t long before I had another hit and a ‘bow of 12-14” was quickly subdued. Soon thereafter Mary hooked one that ran downstream a ways. She turned the wrong way (putting her back to the fish) when she tried to get back to the bank and the hook pulled. We worked the hole for another hour or so and I hooked two more similar to my second fish, landing one. We headed downstream to a big hole and I put Mary at the head end. The current is on the far side and she could wade out far enough to reach it. On her first cast she had a take but once again panicked and lost it. That was all the action we got until we left about 1:00 because of the heat. There were several fish that had been rising (to damsel flies I think) but I couldn’t get a take on what I threw at them.

I had a heap of jobs to do around the house Friday so I didn’t get out again until Saturday. I had tied a few damsel fly imitations hoping they would garner a strike and drove back to the same spot. I started an hour earlier to beat the heat despite a forecast of rain in the afternoon. It was overcast and, unlike Thursday, windy. No matter, I geared up and hit the water. Sure enough I got a hit right away. A few zips back and forth and a nice 14” rainbow was subdued.


A few casts later and I had a good hit. The fish didn’t do much at first so I gathered the line and started to wind in the slack. About then a fat 3+ pounder came out of the water headed for parts unknown. Like a novice, I pinched sown on the line and broke it off @$!%@!!. More work up my side of the current yielded one more smaller fish.

The hole actually has fishable water on the far side of the main current but it is difficult to work without drag even wading as close to the current as possible. The far side has a quiet stretch that I thought should hold a fish to two.


I had seen a fish make a splashy rise in a bit of foam where a tiny bit of water came in. I went above the break and waded across to a gravel bar above the quiet bit. No luck where I saw the rise, so I dropped the nymph about 6’ downstream. HIT! LIFT! YES! a solid fish. It started a run downstream and once again I got heavy handed and broke it off. I refuse to repeat what I said about myself at that moment. Reel in, tie on a new fly and dump it another 6’ below where I had the take. TAKE! LIFT! YES! (repetitive isn’t it) I let this one run but couldn’t follow because of the depth in front of me and current in the way to getting across. The fish ran and jumped until there were only 2 or 3 turns left before the backing. The 5wt was at full bend and the fish finally turned and started back. It came all the way back to right in front of me but decided it liked it better ‘over there’ and I was seeing backing once again. This time when it came up it stayed and I was soon able to net a lovely hen of 3.2 pounds.


All this was in the first hour. I decided to head to the deep hole to see if there were any rising fish to test my new patterns on. Got there to have the wind pick up and not see any damsels flying. I decided to stay with the copper beadhead PT which was so successful above. First drift, 12” ‘bow, third cast 10” ‘bow, and it continued like the for the next two hours. All Rainbows mostly 10-12” with the occasional 14”er thrown in to make it interesting. At one point my rig drifted closer to one of the logs in the area and I tried to lift out but felt a solid stop. RATS! I’ve hung on the log. I got a solid grip on the line and was just about to point the rod when THUMP! GONE! The ‘solid’ log decided to fight and promptly broke off. A few fish later and my indicator eased under. When I lifted there was more resistance than usual and I managed to keep my cool and land a 3 pound jack.


I hooked and landed a few more and finally quit at about 1:00 pm. The final talley? between 30 and 35 hooked and 20-25 landed…in 6 hours.

Author:  Satchel [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nice times

As usual Michael, you've turned me green with jealousy. Beautiful fish.

Author:  Doug G [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nice times

Gorgeous fish, Michael

Author:  Buxtehude [ Mon Dec 11, 2017 8:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Nice times

And here I sit....readying to throw the Kong for my Belgian for her (and mine) morning exercise.

Nice fish and beautiful are a fortunate man and a skillful fisher.


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