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Present day interlude
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Author:  mls [ Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:00 am ]
Post subject:  Present day interlude

I headed to the lower Wangapeka this morning hopeful that the dull overcast would get the mayflies emerging. With almost no wind, things looked good when I got to the river which was probably lower than at any time last season. I was getting close to where I wanted to start when I saw a nice fish within a rod's length of the bank. I snuck past and entered the water well below it. I started working the edge of some deeper water just prospecting. I was surprised to see a rise about three feet to my right of where I had been fishing. As I got ready to cast there was a second rise in the same spot. Unfortunately after 4-5 drifts, I had to admit the fish wasn't going to take. On up to where I had seen the other fish. No luck there either.

Onward! I waded 50 yards upstream to the next run and didn't see anything but there was a 3-4 pounder working the back of the next hole. Typically, as I was getting set up, I got a 911 call from nature. That taken care of, I couldn't find hime again. There was a good fish just upstream but a couple of casts in his direction and he faded away. In the next run I spotted a very nice fish right next to shore. I ease behind it and dropped the twin nymph rig about 3 feet ahead of it. I couldn't see what the fish did but the indicator slowly sank. When I lifted I thought I was hung on a rock. Then I realised, rocks don't swim downstream. The fish didn't run, there was no head shaking or jumping, it just swam downstream. I was just headed after it when the hook came out *sigh*.

I managed to spook a cruiser at the back of the next hole and had a good fish drift back to check me out before disappearing. I worked the inflow riffle and was as far across as I could get when a 3-4 pounder nailed the fly. To and fro for a while and it was coming in nicely I was getting ready to unhook my net when it jumped and threw the hook @%#$!!.

When the tail end of the next hole had two nice fish lying in very shallow water and I managed to blow both, I was getting desperate and despondent *sob*. Nothing in the main hole but there was a good fish in the inflow riffle but again well across from my side. I stripped off some line and flicked the rod to get a bit of line out and promptly hooked myself somewhere in the back. I couldn't reach it so I trudged back to the bank and doffed the backpack..nope...then the vest to fine it caught in the net mesh. Cleared that, re-robed and headed back out. The fish was in a terrible position on the far side of a current stream and I couldn't get too close. Several attempts to get enough slack to allow the nymphs to sink and drift naturally got two nods but not a take. Obviously I had to change my cast, so I punched the delivery slightly to get the nymphs to hook to the left so they would present first. With the indicator now upstream, I had to watch the fish for the take. There was a tiny nod to his left, LIFT, YES! Now to do three things at once. Keep the fish from getting too far under the opposite bank undercut, reel up the excess line and get back to my side across slippery rocks. I managed the first two well enough but took my time across the rocks.

I got lucky the fish didn't run hard or jump but it did head to the bottom of the deep hole. I was a bit surprised it took a while to get it back up and close enough to see. When it swam past the first tim, I quoted Achmed the Dead Terrorist, "Holy Crap!" This was a big fish.Even though I had a solid 5 wt and kept a full side strain bend in the rod, the fish just would not come in. I tried to be patient but I began to fear I had the fish foul hooked somewhere around the pectoral fin. It took another few minutes of steady pressure but he finaly eased into the shore and I had a great looking fish.


The net is a solid 12" wide with a big bag but it certainly filled most of it. A solid 6 pounds.

I did managed to hook two more smaller fish but was thwarted both times. If I could only land one fish today, I'm glad it was that one.

Author:  Satchel [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Present day interlude

The whole lot of the pictures you're posted these last few days have been wonderful. You live in beautiful country and know how to present it as such. Thank you.

Author:  Gene L [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Present day interlude

Wangapeka? Whoever named that river had a penis fixation.

Author:  mls [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Present day interlude

Well Gene, they say fly fishing is the most fun you can have with your close on and standing up. :mrgreen:

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